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On March 4-5, 2017 Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) made upgrades to their systems. Users can expect changes to the way RNS (Release Notification System) works. As a result this will affect users of BorderConnect PARS software and BorderConnect ACI eManifest.

Previously, a 'Declaration Accepted' message would be sent via RNS to the carrier as soon as a customs broker's PARS entry was accepted by CBSA, regardless of the status of the carrier's ACI eManifest. The carrier could tell if the PARS was in good standing independently of the eManifest status.

Now, the 'Declaration Accepted' message will be withheld from carriers until both eManifest shipment (cargo) data AND the broker's PARS entry are on file. So carriers will have to complete at least the shipment portion of the eManifest process before being able to use RNS as an indicator of their PARS status.

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