Windsor Transportation Club proudly offers and supports financially the Allan Keen Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Application process is open only to a child or grandchild of a member (must be a member in good standing for a period of 3 years) or child or grandchild of a WTC retiree.

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS FOR 2018 are due by Thursday, May 31, 2018 5pm.

Download application form below.

Criteria For Selection

1. He or she must be the child or grandchild of a member of the WTC for the past 3 years.

2. The student must be in the final year of High School, with the intention of attending post secondary education, as a full time  student.

3. The Selection Committee's decision will be final.

How To Apply

Step 1. Fill in the following information on a piece of paper.

Student's Name
City and Province
Members Name
Members Company
Current School
School to be attended for further education

Step 2. Include a personal letter from the student, outlining their short and long term goals.

Step 3. Include letters of recommendation from their: Principal, Teachers,  Guidance Counselor.

Step 4. Include a transcript of the student's marks as of their last term at  High School.

Step 5. Mail the information package to:

 The Windsor Transportation Club
 Scholarship Fund Committee
 P.O. Box 24022
 Windsor, Ont. N8Y 4Y9


1990 - Kelly Ann Bannon (Daughter of Larry Bannon)
1991 - Braden Dent (Grandson of Jim Dent)
1992 - Doug Brink (Son of John Brink)
1993 - No Award
1994 - Jenny Ball (Daughter of Brigitte Ball)
1995 - Jennifer Urquhart (Daughter of Wayne Urquhart)
1996 - Kathy Withington (Daughter of Jim Withington)
1996 - Jeff Meloche (Grandson of Roy Meloche)
1997 - Marianne Dent (Granddaughter of Jim Dent)
1998 - Kristen Joose (Granddaughter of Arthur Joose)
1998 - Kelsi Rousseau (Granddaughter of Jim Dent)
1999 - James Withington Jr. (Son of Jim Withington)
2000 - Julie Cornwall (Daughter of Wayne Cornwall)
2001 - Kristen Ziriada (Daughter of Randi Ziriada)
2002 - Kristyn Dana Donaldson (Granddaughter of Fred Donaldson)
2003 - Garrett Mosey (Grandson of Lyle Mosey)
2004 - Ashley Hallman (Daughter of Cheryl Hallman)
2005 - Julie Donaldson (Granddaughter of Fred Donaldson)
2006 - Bernard James Gorski (Son of Bernard Gorski)
2007 - Allison LaButte (Granddaughter of Wally LaBute)
2008 - Jackie Dent (Granddaughter of Jim Dent)
2009 - Jacob McCourt (Son of Jack McCourt)
2010 - Lauren Paige Renaud (Granddaughter of Phil Hebert)
2011 - Paige Labutte (Granddaughter of Wally Labute)
2012 - Jenna John (Daughter of Mike John)
2013 - Sean Boyle (Grandson of Dan Whelan) and Steve Ondejko Jr. (Son of Steve Ondjeko Sr.)

2014 - Morgan Zimmerman (Granddaughter of Wayne Wilson)

2015 - Zachary Zchering (Grandson of DJ Whelan)

2016 - Katelyn McPherson (Daughter of Stephanie McPherson)

2018 - Alyssa Baker (Daughter of John Baker)

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